Tobia Giani

I’m a mathematician and programmer with a big interest in the creation of videogames and to apply numerical methods on real-time applications and data visualization.

Currently, I’m working for Aiko: Autonomous Space Mission as Senior Software Engineer on the development of Simulation environments for their products.

The previous work experiences that I had were in Stellantis as Autonomous Driving Engineering Specialist on the making of the L3 technologies for the autonomous driving car in the Thunder project, in MixedBag as Lead Game Programmer for Company owned IPs or external project to be ported on videogame console and lastly in Mutabilis as Android engineer.

In Stellantis I was part of the Simulation Team (Area G) and I was mostly responsible of the implementation in the SIL platform of some Stellantis-specific components (I.e. vehicle dynamics models and sensor models) that normally are coming from other platforms like Matlab Simulink or are delivered like black box by Tier-1 suppliers. In addition I’ve worked on the managing of the pipelines running on cluster to test AD functions on long simulations and in parallel.

In Mixedbag, I’ve worked on many game titles for every console, the most famous game was Secret Oops that had received also an award from IIDEA Association for the best innovative game. We’ve worked also for a bunch of B2B projects with VR headset mostly.

Previously I worked with Mutabilis for 4 months in Rome, where we worked with DigitalTales to make porting some of their interactive tales for Android smartphones. We also made a visualization tool for a traffic prediction model made by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” about the urban area of Rome.

I have a BSc in Science and Technology for Media at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and an MSc in Computer Science at the University of Turin.

My hobbies are basketball, cycling and obviously videogames, but also I like so much travel and read about history.